Breathing Heals
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Breathing Heals

You are your breath. Your breath is your life companion. Like your best friend, your breath can tell a lot about your current state.

Deep breath. Shallow breath. Fast breath. Calm breath.

By breathing and looking deeply, self-understanding arises.

The chaos of your mind. The storms in your gut. The wounds of your heart. The deep knowing that while you suffer, everyone else suffers too.

To weather the intense emotions, place yourself in a stable sitting or lying down position and focus on your breath. Focus on your breath. The air flowing in and out of your nostrils. Or the rise and fall of your belly.

Keep your focus on the breath till emotions pass. Like the storm, feelings are impermanent. The breath is your anchor of stability.

When dark clouds pass and the sun shines through again, you will find yourself afloat and alive with your breath.

Breathing heals.