Defend Your Right To Say "No"
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Defend Your Right To Say "No"

Often, people will try to persuade us to do something.

It is hard to say no. We are conditioned not to let others down.

If you say no, you may disappoint, displease or hurt another. Or saying no means you might miss out on the cool things, or be left out from extraordinary happenings, or lose friendships.

To avoid the discomfort of no, you say yes and become non-committal. When you are non-committal, you will do things half-heartedly.

When you say yes to one thing, you will need to say no to something else. A more important thing may need to be sacrificed to do what we have said yes to.

Defend your right not to do what is requested of us. Others may be displeased, but you gain respect. Saying no tells others that we value our most precious commodity, our time.