Flip A Coin
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Flip A Coin

We make decisions all the time.

Some are small decisions. Coffee or tea? Red skirt or blue trousers? Drive or bus?

Others are big and consequential decisions. Invest or not? Continue or give up? Stay or leave?

In our digital world, we receive more information and opinions than ever before. This overload gives limitless options, which leads to decision fatigue and indecision.

Your head rationalises one thing. Your gut resists something else. Your heart desires another.

But deep down, you know what you want. You are afraid to ask for it.

Because if you ask, you might get rejected. You might get a better option later. Or you might get what you want and regret it.

In times of indecision, just flip a coin. Because…

… we always know what side we want it to land on. ~ Babul in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel