Letters From Elle
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Letters From Elle

Letters From Elle
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A personal letter by Ling Ling. These letters are a literary experiment. Each of them is a surprise (or not)—a place to share my voice, or rather find it.


About Letters From Elle

For as long as I can remember, I've always written letters and the days before emails meant that I stayed in touch with friends from afar with lengthy hand-written pages of anything.

With my penpals, we'd write about the on-goings in our distant worlds, go to the post office, lick stamps and drop a letter into the postbox. Sometimes, these letters contain printed portrait photos of ourselves, long before the word "selfie" existed. My penpals came from far-flung places, like Canada and Australia. I'd eagerly wait for the postman to drop their letters into my postbox in Malaysia.

We'd talk about everything; school, teachers, boys, TV shows, the shopping mall, hopes, worries, dreams and fears. All my letters were collected in two big shoe boxes and kept till today.

Letters from Elle are like letters from your penpals. Instead, it is a digital letter, sent out to the virtual world and especially for you to read. They are my experiment with the digital world.

So, please be patient. While I am all for fun light-heartedness, not all will be entertaining.

These letters may (or not) make you smarter, wiser or more productive. The letters may (or may not) include all the cool things I've stumbled upon, good reads, streams of (un)consciousness, interesting finds, wacky experiments and insightful conversations (mostly with myself).

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