People Stay For Love
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People Stay For Love

In relationships, people have the choice to stay or to leave. People have the free will to go wherever with whoever they choose. No contract can keep them. And so, nobody really owns anybody.

People are not obligated to stay. Due to different reasons, people may choose to leave. Some may physically remain for one reason or another. But their mind and heart wander elsewhere.

Sometimes, leaving is better than staying.

When others love you, they choose to stay. Some may physically leave for one reason or another. But their mind and heart remain with you.

When people choose to stay, they will do what they can to support you and make your life better. This support does not feel like a sacrifice or compromise but an unconditional willingness to make you happy.

Whether people choose to stay or leave, cherish everyone you love deeply.

When there is free will, you cannot own people. And so, love and support those who choose to stay. Bless and be grateful for those who choose to go.