Suffering Starts From Thoughts
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Suffering Starts From Thoughts

Negative emotions come from thoughts.

Feelings of anger, resentment, obsession, hatred, ill-will and self-righteousness grow when we allow our minds to indulge in them.

When you hold onto these thoughts, emotional pain and suffering arise immediately. Prolonged obsession with these thoughts become the seed of harmful behaviours.

Thoughts of an unfulfilling career may lead to feelings of hatred towards your boss. Feelings of hatred may lead to outbursts of anger and a lost job. Thoughts of a lost love may lead to despair. Continued indulgence in sorrow may lead to alcohol addiction and loss of direction in life.

Tackle suffering from the seed.

Observe your thoughts pass by, like watching the ever-changing landscape on a train ride. Then, your thoughts will not take root. Your emotions will not flourish. Your actions will not bear fruit.

Guard your thoughts, and suffering will not arise.